Monday, October 31, 2011

KL Food Diary, Post #4 - My Elephant

A good mid-range dining experience. Went there with my Aunty for dinner on a Friday night - you definitely need to book at least a day in advance, or be prepared to sit down on the cute little stools that look like overturned dustbins that are lined up outside the shop :p Cute, but probably not very comfortable..

They served us brown rice instead of the usual Thai jasmine rice - a healthier alternative, but still tasty.

The deep fried tiger prawns with green curry was a dish I have never had before in other Thai restaurant. It was quite interesting that we found halves of grapes in the curry! Thought they were cherry tomatoes at first, and bit into one to find that it was a grape :) I like that the prawns were deep fried first - makes it different to other prawn curries I've tasted. And the batter was quite yummy. I have a weakness for deep fried batter.

So craving Thai food right now!

The vegetables (Chinese broccoli) cooked Thai style - with fish sauce etc was sooooo yummy! I love Chinese broccoli, and I love fish sauce (in moderate amounts). Therefore, I loved this dish. It also was stir-fried with mushrooms - I love mushrooms too.

The drinks, while slightly on the expensive side (it was around RM8 i.e. 2-3 AUD) were quite unique, and very refreshing. The perfect accompaniment to the heavier coconut milk-based curries. I should have written down what they were called - pretty sure one was called 'Pandan Cooler' - it had pandan and kiwi seeds in it. Pandan is apparently the Asian equivalent to vanilla. Seems like a pretty good simile. My drink was a cooler with lemongrass in it... and maybe some lime?

We ordered the chicken tom yum with coconut milk - 'Tom Ka'. It was really good soup. But nothing particularly outstanding. I've had lots of good tom yum in my lifetime. This one can be added to that list. Still love the one at Ying Thai 2 on Lygon St (Melbourne) the most!!

The dessert we ordered was definitely something I would want to eat again - sago with coconut cream and mango! YUM. I like the texture of sago a lot - little squishy spheres. The sago and mango and coconut cream were SUCH a good combination.

The whole meal came to around RM80, so about 25 AUD all up for 2 people. Slightly pricey by Malaysian standards, but soooo cheap by Melbourne standards! I love eating in Malaysia :p

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