Friday, May 13, 2016

Eating To Live (Flashback to my first few weeks in Cambridge)

This is the reason why my blog died after August 2013. An excerpt from an unpublished blog post about the food in Cambridge (which, 2.5 years on, is slightly better):
As I (literally) single-handedly type this post with my right hand, my left hand is stuffing my face with a "Cheese Ploughman's" sandwich from the Department of Engineering cafeteria which tastes like an odd mix of... really odd things... There are no words. But I was desperately hungry, and the sandwich along with 2 mandarins did only set me back £2.70. In essence, I am eating to live.
With each bite of this sandwich, I am tempted to wave the white flag and surrender to my hunger, but my stomach won't be too happy. And so I soldier on. Yes, I have made a few war references. This is because, in my mind, I am at war with this awfully mediocre sandwich.

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