Saturday, October 22, 2011

KL Food Diary, Post #1 - Jalan Alor

My first taste of hawker food during this KL trip - barbecued chicken wings, hokkien noodles, chicken satay and siew yoke noodles.

This was at the 'local' end of Jalan Alor (the rest of it is teeming with tourists). This local end is literally at the end of Jalan Alor - no tourists here, and the food is apparently the best on the street.

Luurrveeeed the barbecued chicken wings - sticky, sweet, yummay! The siew yoke noodles were next best after the wings :) (Siew yoke is basically roasted pork belly, Chinese-style.)

Feast your eyes...

Barbecued chicken wings

Chicken satay

Hokkien noodles

Siew yoke noodles

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