About This Blog

Munch & Muse is my way of documenting my food journey - creating new dishes, checking out local food haunts, and capturing the thoughts that pass through my mind during these experiences.

Most of my food experiments are started on a whim, usually when I am hungry and it's time for my next meal. I tend to go with my gut instinct, and most of the time things seem to turn out well... Although there have been a few food disasters, the memories of which I keep locked up in a tiny compartment at the back of my mind :p

Melbourne is a city that is bursting with amazing restaurants and cafes - from casual, experimental, to fine dining - Melbourne has it all. This blog is my chance to capture my thoughts about the food around here. I'll also post up my food escapades from other cities/countries when I have the chance to.

The next phase of my life is taking me to Europe! The ultimate foodie haven! You bet I'm excited! But then, I'm not sure about the food in Cambridge... Keeping an open mind, all I can say is that it is bound to be an adventure regardless... Hhhmm...

Much of this is still one big experiment for me - so I'm about as curious as you to see how it will progress!