Saturday, August 3, 2013

Laughing all the way to... Podgy & The Banker

Yes - we were laughing. Because, being fresh off the boat (so to speak) from Melbourne, here was an up-and-coming cafe with all the promising hallmarks of a truly crowd-pleasing Melbournian coffee institution! From the nifty workshop-style lights and furniture, to the unfinished concrete counter, to the cute yellow and black cups and saucers, Podgy & The Banker had really gone to town with the now trending hipster cafe fit-out. And with great success at that.

Next test - the coffee. So KL seems to be currently experiencing an explosion of coffee-mania (coffee-fever, coffee-delirium, coffee-hysteria, etc. you get the picture). I kid you not. It is quite a spectacular explosion and one to be watched very closely. I still haven't yet decided whether it is a subculture that will transcend generations, or if it is merely a passing fad akin to the recently trendy-and-then-not-so-much-anymore cupcake and macaron obsessions. Regardless, Podgy & The Banker serves up a pretty decent cuppa (my benchmark being a mocha - coffee aficionado, I am not). However, my brekkie companion, SR, who is much more of a coffee fan than I am quite enjoyed her flat white - so we must be on to something here.

So far, a tick for the ambiance and the coffee. Final item on the checklist - the food. Being only about 1 week old, the food menu was fairly basic - eggs poached, scrambled, or made into an omelet, and 3 sandwich offerings. With great trepidation I ordered the chicken and avocado sandwich. The thoughts running through my mind - is this even breakfast food; I hope to God that it's not Gardenia bread; will the chicken taste weird; avocado, in Malaysia? Yes, I was preparing myself for the worst. But I needn't have stressed out because the sandwich arrived and to my delight, went down a treat! Great bread, well-poached chicken, fresh avocado, soft melty cheese and just the right dollop of mayonnaise all came together in one lovely grilled sandwich. I couldn't have asked for more. SR's poached eggs with ham was also quite a success - the egg yolks nice and runny, and the ham (probably chicken) full of flavour. Served again with the yummy bread, toasted.

A tick for the food, and bonus points for satisfying my avocado craving in the most fulfilling fashion! By the end of the meal, SR and I were very happy campers indeed.

Teething problems (unpolished silverware and dusty glasses) aside, this cafe is the closest thing to hipster Melbourne that one can find in KL. Seriously. The other joints don't even come close. So check it out for yourselves if you have the time!

Prices - our flat white and mocha were RM10 each, and the sandwiches were RM12 (now up to RM14)
Food from the kitchen is only available from 9am to 5pm, however there are many ready-made pastries and pies available for purchase throughout the day
Location - Podgy & The Banker can be found at No. 2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Sri Hartamas, KL
Open 8am till late most days, CLOSED ON TUESDAYS
Credits - Thank you to SR for suggesting this place as the venue for our long overdue breakfast catch-up :)

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