Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makoto - Best Sushi Train Ever!

Makoto is the sister restaurant of Masuya (also in Sydney). I had the chance to check it out when I was in Sydney for a few days for work, and managed to squeeze in a dinner with my cousin who works in Sydney and recommended the place.

Words cannot express how happy I am that I had the chance to sample some of its delectable offerings!

The seared salmon sushi (in the first photo) is definitely my favourite. I could probably eat 5 plates of it and be very content :) It had this amazing smokiness to it, and when coupled with the awesome sweet soy sauce that had been sprinkled over it, produced this highly satisfactory burst of flavour. Oh man so good.

Had 10 plates of sushi between the 2 of us, and the bill came to $40. I'd happily pay that same amount again for that quality of food. I highly recommend this place if you like Japanese food, and happen to be in Sydney.

The food photos speak for themselves, so for once, I shall not say much more :)

Seared salmon sushi



Seared scallops - almost as good as the salmon version!

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