Saturday, September 24, 2011

Viennese High Tea at the NGV's Kaffeehaus

Not your usual high tea outing - JWT and I decided to check out the one on offer at the little pop-up Viennese-inspired cafe in the NGV, Kaffeehaus, (which I'm thinking translates to 'coffee house'). It's only open until 9 October, in conjunction with the Vienna Art & Design exhibition.

The cafe itself is very pretty! Lit-up facade, lots of large potted plants, black and white checked floor, and it's located under a breathtaking stained glass ceiling.

It was a slightly different kind of high tea compared to what I'm used to - no scones, instead we were served little mushroom and venison pies with relish.

The middle tier had chicken and mayonnaise finger sandwiches, mini smoked salmon and sour cream bagels (not so Viennese... aren't bagels a New York thing?), little ciabattas with roast capsicum, braesola (cured beef) and grain mustard mayonaise, and brioche with Tarrago triple cream brie and quince paste.

Had to take a picture of the bagel on it's own - so cuteee!
The bottom tier consisted of desserts - chocolate eclair, apple meringue pie (I think it was apple..), orange cupcake, and a little chocolate mousse thing.

Price: $35 ($45 if you want Not too bad.The pies were very tasty and the relish complemented them well. I loved the sandwiches (especially the chicken and smoked salmon ones!). The fact that I didn't have scones meant that I actually finished my share of the food! :) The desserts weren't anything too special, but I was satisfied with them - well prepared and presented, and fairly tasty.

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