Saturday, April 28, 2012

Melbourne Through Fresh Eyes #2

Burch & Purchese, Chapel Street, South Yarra

We trekked down to Chapel Street to visit Burch & Purchese because I insisted that my sister just HAD to try their desserts (and also, it was on Masterchef!).

My sister apparently doesn't like ginger in desserts (amongst other things), so we couldn't have the awesome-looking green-themed piece of (dessert) art that I so badly wanted to try, the COCONUT | GINGER | PASSIONFRUIT | MINT - coconut mousse | passionfruit curd | coconut caviar | passionfruit jelly | salted oat & ginger crumble | white chocolate mint wafer | ginger macaroon | brilliant white chocolate spray. To be fair, I've tried it before, but wanted to have it again! Another time then.

Instead we tried the more conservative chocolate, mandarin and salted caramel "dessert thing" (Burch and Purchese never actually say what the dessert is, only what flavours are in them...) and the RASPBERRY, WHITE CHOCOLATE, HONEY, LYCHEE - white chocolate & raspberry mousse | raspberry & lychee jelly | museli & honey nut sponge | raspberry & hibiscus jam | honey lychee syrup | exaggerated raspberry cream | chocolate velvet spray.

See what I mean?

Funny :p

Had our desserts at the Alexandra Gardens in true Melbournian fashion. Both were very good, too much to have together in one meal though. But that's just me and my moderate (eating) ways.

Sorry for the lack of photos - my sister has them and she's not the best at sharing them! :D Go to the Burch and Purchese website to see their photos instead.

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