Saturday, December 10, 2011

Iced Coffee - Padre, South Melbourne Market

Iced Coffee

Again, I'm not a coffee person, but given that we were at the South Melbourne Market, it was quite a warm day and Padre apparently has really good coffee, I decided to give their iced coffee a try.

Wasn't expecting it to be served in a giant bowl, with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and a generous sprinkling of chocolate powder. But it was. YUM :) JWT, being a coffee purist sipped his whole bowl, the whole time artfully dodging the ice cream and chocolate powder as much as he could. I just happily played around with the ice cream until it had melted into the drink and drank my version of an iced latte.

SK pointed out that the coffee here was a nice golden tone, meaning it hadn't been left to oxidise. So basically, it was just super fresh coffee that hadn't been left sitting on the counter before being poured and served. An explanation probably worthy of being included in "Coffee for Dummies" (i.e. for people like me). So yes, it was really good coffee - the beans used were from South America, and apparently more nutty in flavour than the African beans. I wasn't complaining - I like nuts. One comment though - it was one GIANT cup of coffee... For a caffeine noob like me, it was a bit too much. My head was spinning slightly after that drink. Still, it was tasty :)

Would defs have this drink again if the weather is suitable, and I'm in the neighbourhood.

SK's cappuccino

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