Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cupcake Central @ Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central recently opened it's new food court - it's a pretty cool food court. Large open spaces to sit and eat, albeit slightly too dimly lit in some parts for my liking. But all-in-all, I really like this new food court :)

Went there on a whim today with JWT and stumbled upon this new cupcake place!

Both of us had the lavender, lemon and honey 'baby cupcake'. It was very good! The cupcake itself had this lovely lavender scent. The texture of the cupcake was just right - not too dry, not too moist. The buttercream icing on top wasn't too sweet nor too heavy. The blend of flavours of the lavender, honey and lemon worked very well together. All in all, I am definitely going back at some point to try their other flavour combinations :)

Normal sized cupcakes are priced at $4 whilst the 'baby' cupcakes are $2.

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